Best in the industry

P_2017-1.jpg OJSC "Slonimmebel" is recognized as the Best Furniture Enterprise of the Year. Awarding the winners of the show-contest of the furniture enterprises of the concern was held yesterday in Minsk.

Addressing the contest participants, the chairman of the Bellesbumprom concern Yuri Nazarov noted that every enterprise has the product that deserves the highest awards. Here are the best of the best. And so the jury members of the competitions have a rather difficult task - to determine the winners among almost equal in level of producers. Yesterday there was a serious discussion at the exhibition site, the jury members deliberated for several hours, but as is known, the truth is born in the dispute, the decision is made, and the best producers are awarded honored awards.

In the nomination "Best Furniture Exposition", the winner was recognized as BR-Consult, which presented a collective exposition of the woodworking holding.

P_2017.jpg In the nomination "Best Furniture Design" the winner is ZAO Molodechnomebel.

Open Society "Слониммебель" has won in the main nomination of competition "the Best furniture of year".

The company achieved the highest rates in the growth of furniture production, the share of exports in total production, profitability of economic activity (profitability of sales), social security of workers (wages) and product competitiveness, which was estimated by revenue from sales of products per worker.

The history of the enterprise begins in 1939.

Today OJSC "Slonimmebel" is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the Republic of Belarus. The company produces furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and is one of the most profitable enterprises in the industry.

Its products are known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. More than half of the output is exported.
JSC "Slonimmebel" is a high quality and exquisite design.

Source: Press Service of the Group "Bellesbumprom"